Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spring Tulips

What better way to welcome Spring into our part of Texas than with these beautiful red Tulips that Hubby brought home for me. The weather here has been wonderful and I can't believe Spring is just around the corner.
(My "Just because" Tulips)
As you can see, my Bradford Pear tree has started to bloom. They are so pretty this time of year, just wish the flowers would stay a little longer. I took this photo with my iphone and was surprised at how nice it turned out. Thanks for stopping by...

Butterfly Goody Bags

I found these small cellophane bags (3x4 inches) and thought they would be cute for this project. I put 12 pieces of candy in each bag, just enough to give each side a butterfly wing look. I used small wooden clothespins and covered the tops with patterned scrap paper. I kept the clothespin opening at the top in order to clip the butterfly antennas (pipe cleaners) into the pins. I added small circles as eyes to give the butterfly a finished look. These are great as party favors for the kiddos!