Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Birthday Bouquet - Paper Flowers

Today is my one and only sister's birthday. She is almost 3 years older than me, but I will be nice and not give out her actual age. :) I spoke with her this morning while she was on her lunch break to wish her a Happy Birthday. Then I drove to her school (where she works) to surprise her with this lovely bouquet I made. She was definitely surprised and absolutely loved the gift. She called me later to let me know how much the other teachers loved the gift idea. Thanks so much to SusanBlueRobot for her lesson in making these beautiful paper flowers!!

Now for the little story behind the tin. I had completed this project for my sister and thought the pastel colors for spring were perfect for her. My youngest niece (who is not quite 3 years old) happen to be staying the night with me and had seen the completed bouquet along with the cricut and supplies on my table. Well, she decided she wanted to make something, so she picked out the lady bug. I picked out the red and black paper, thinking we could cut it out and she would play with it and take it home with her the next day. She also wanted to use the glitter and helped as best she could. Well, the next morning she picked up the lady bug and placed it in the tin and said it was for "Tia Cris." (aunt Cris) So, after she left that day, I decided I just HAD to add it to the bouquet...so the actual lady bug is courtesy of our little niece, Irelyn!

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Magoo said...

this is TOO cute! I just love these tins Tia!!! Glad your back from vacay!! can't wait to see more of your goodies!! :)