Monday, March 16, 2009

Always In My Heart

This is the first scrapbook layout I made using the Cricut Expressions hubby bought me for Christmas in 2007.


Neesey said...

I love your layouts. They show the love on every page. Your tins are so clever. I might have to borrow this idea. Thank you for sharing. Anxious to see more.

Magoo said...

I agree with Neesey, you can absolutely tell all the attention/detail/ and great care you put each page together with! I just love your work! I will be following your blog for sure! I just became an auntie 3 days ago! can't wait to scrap some pages! said...

i discovered your blog by accident and i loved the ribbon weaving and watched it on utube .I also loved the photos of Irelyn what a beautiful little big girl she is i also loved your 4legged kids i dont think i saw anything i disliked