Saturday, May 23, 2009

Adore * ABLE

Yes, I know I did NOT spell "Adorable" correctly, but I have an excellent I finally had a chance to use one of my newest cartridges...Home Decor...and I did not have the option to remove the "e." (unless I took the scissors to it and that definitely was not going to happen!) So, I decided that if I added a "jeweled" hyphen in front of "able," my layout of Irelyn would turn out okay. Hmmm...maybe I should have journaled the explanation onto the page so that 20 years from now Irelyn won't think that Tia Yvette can't Thanks for looking! :)


Magoo said...

This is so stunning!! Seriously! You won't believe it, but I just got MY home decor cart in the mail on Friday!! Haven't opened it yet, but tonight i will!! What a gorgeous layout, I think I need some lessons from ya girl!! :) :)

Buela said...

What can I say about my adorable grand daughter! Great job.


Congrats to YOU!! Very pretty layout and very pretty little niece!!