Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Graduation Centerpieces

Now, only 10 more to My oldest niece Meg is graduating high school at the end of this month. We thought these cute tiny tins would be great centerpieces for each table at her Graduation Party and since she had some time to kill between classes today, she and I got busy "Cricuting!" Yes, I put her to work and as you can see, we only finished one! Guess I need to set a new rule in this house...Less Talkin' and More Craftin'! :)

If all goes well, I hope to have these completed before she comes back next week...should be a nice surprise for her when she realizes I won't have to put her to work again!

Oh, and the photo is my niece and youngest nephew.


sanchez family said...

It really turned out great, you know my # if you need help!

blustar128 said...

Great Job!!!
And I would take her word and take her up on
helping. Steph has great ideas also!!!
As for me I will just babysit Irelyn.

blustar128 said...

You all did a great job on the centerpiece.
Hey take up Steph's help she also has great ideas and 2 good hands!!!
As for me I volunteer to babysit Miss Irelyn!!!

Patsi said...

These are very cute! I say it all the time, but you are SOOOO crafty! I can't believe that Megan is graduating! Kaleb is right behind her!

Serina's Creations said...

SO cute! I am also really into using the tins for ceterpieces and incorporating cricut cuts. I did some for a friends surprise 50th (which was at a bar) well we stuck some of those skinny glow sticks in them. They looked so cool in the dark room! Great Job!

Anonymous said...

Very cute! How long did it take to make one. Do you need to have a machine or can you get them done somewhere?