Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Tiny Tin

My littlest niece Irelyn turns 3 in a couple of days. Since she loves Hello Kitty, I decided to make this "Tiny Tin" for her party on Saturday. It will be a perfect centerpiece for the cake table.

I had to add a picture of the soon to be birthday girl. This was taken a few weeks ago when she spent the night at our house. She is so funny, she unexpectedly decided to come home with me, so my sister-in-law did not have an overnight bag packed. So of course this was a perfect time to take her shopping! She picked out the pj's and sandals she is wearing in the photo above and as I was looking for an outfit, I had two random items in my hand. A shirt in one and shorts in the other. Of course the colors of both were not meant to go together, as I was looking for something to match each one. Well, as I was still looking, Irelyn grabbed the shirt and said, "Tia Vette, these don't match!" I couldn't help but laugh...way too young to be a fashion consultant! (lol)


Magoo said...

that tin is awesome! i love all the sparkly paper you used! The ribbons are a beautiful touch :) (I also love hello kitty!). your niece is a doll :)

Patsi said...

I LOVE it & I am sure that Irelynn did too! By the way, she is a DOLL! Very beautiful little girl! You are SOOOO creative!